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Kaumaaram - Stage Two Of Pennaal | Surabhi | Shyla Thomas | Shani Hafees | Gayathri Suresh |Official

By Pakka Admin - Jul 31,2019

Kaumaaram - Stage Two Of Pennaal | Surabhi | Shyla Thomas | Shani Hafees | Gayathri Suresh |Official

PENNAAL is a Musical Journey through the milestones of HER life having 5 songs depicting ബാല്യം (CHILDHOOD) | കൗമാരം(ADOLESCENCE) | യൗവ്വനം (YOUTH)
മാതൃത്വം (MOTHERHOOD) | വാർദ്ധക്യം (OLD AGE) WITH A BONUS GHAZAL TRACK തുഷാരം

Watch Baalyam:

Project Concept: Shyla Thomas & Dr. Shani Hafees
Produced by: Timesworld & Ayurdha Media House

Team Pennaal
Shyla Thomas, Dr. Shani Hafees, Surabhi Lakshmi
Gayathri Suresh, Chinnu Kuruvilla, Madhuvanthi Narayan
Smitha Saleem, Archana Gopinath & Devi Manoj

Team Kaumaaram
Direction: Surabhi Lakshmi
Lyrics: Shyla Thomas
Singer : Dr. Shani Hafees
Music : Gayathri Suresh
DOP: Pappinu
Editing: Rizal Jainy
Creative Support: Sudheesh Gopinath & Jithu K Jayan
Colorist: Ramesh C P
Sound Design: Renganath Ravee
Programming: Jecin George
Mixing & Mastering: Renjith Rajan
Assisted by: Sijin Varghese
Associate Director: Sijoy Krishnan
Sound Engineer: Vaitheeswaran Sankaran
Recording Studio: Musiqaa Factree, Trivandrum
Titles: Timesworld Media
Subtitles : Devi Manoj
Art: Binoy Kottakkal
Production Controller : Sudeesh Kumar
Costume: Srishti Women’s Clothings
Make up: Amal Ajithkumar
Publicity Designs: Artnut
On Screen: Meenakshi Binesh, Dr. Indhu G, Kalamandalam Aswathy Aneesh, Margi Visishta, Margi Aswathy

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