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Vairamuthu responds to Chinmayi's sexual harassment allegations

By Pakka Admin - Oct 10,2018

Vairamuthu responds to Chinmayi's sexual harassment allegations

Responding to Chinmayi’s sexual harassment allegations against him on Twitter, National Award winning lyricist Vairamuthu posted: “Spreading malign comments about famous personalities has become a culture across the country. Recently, I have been continuously shamed and this also has become one such activity. I don’t mind such false accusations. Time will tell the truth”.

Immediately Chinmayi quote tweeted Vairamuthu and called him a liar. She also heavily criticized the Tamil media who are now asking quotes from her after National media published the news. “To EVERYONE who will debate about me on channels - whether you slut shame me or call me names Vairamuthu is a sexual predator. I will take this to my grave. And to Tamil channels who wouldnt even carry a ticker OR report, wanting a byte *after* Delhi news channels.No”, tweeted Chinmayi.


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