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கலைஞர் கருணாநிதி நிஜ பெற்றோர் பற்றி தெரியுமா? | Do you Know Kalaingar Karunanidhi's Real Parents?

By Pakka Admin - Aug 09,2018

கலைஞர் கருணாநிதி நிஜ பெற்றோர் பற்றி தெரியுமா? | Do you Know Kalaingar Karunanidhi's Real Parents?

கலைஞர் கருணாநிதி நிஜ பெற்றோர் பற்றி தெரியுமா? | Do you Know Kalaingar Karunanidhi's Real Parents?

Muthuvel Karunanidhi (3 June 1924 – 7 August 2018) was an Indian writer and politician who served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for almost two decades over five terms between 1969 and 2011. He was a long-standing leader of the Dravidian movement and ten-time president of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam political party. Before entering politics he worked in the Tamil film industry as a screenwriter. He has also made contributions to Tamil literature, having written stories, plays, novels, and a multiple-volume memoir. He was popularly referred to as Kalaignar, meaning artist in Tamil.

Karunanidhi died on 7 August 2018 at Kauvery Hospital in Chennai after prolonged, age-related illness.

Born in Thirukkuvalai village in Nagapattinam district, to Muthuvelu and Anju, his original name is Dakshinamurthy and he is claimed to have a Telugu ancestry. Karunanidhi was more interested in drama, poetry, and literature during his school season. Karunanidhi, who was inspired by the speaker Azhagirisamy, considered the pillar of the Justice Party, completely engaged in social movements at his 14th age. With the help of some of his students in the field of youth, the "youth revitalized the organization". The organization helped young people develop their inspiration and writing. After some time, the state was formed as a state-level "All Students Club."

This was the first student division of the Dravidian movement. Karunanidhi also engaged the student community in social work with other members. DMK The party's official newspaper, Murasoli, started developing a newspaper for its members. The first major opposition to Karunanidhi's support for Tamil politics involved in the Kallukudi demonstration (1953). The original name of this industrial city is Kallagudi. Dalmiya, which set up a cement plant is from North India and changed the original name Kallakkudi to Dalmiyapuram. DMK opposed the name change as it was seen as North Indian oppression of Tamil Nadu. Karunanidhi and his comrades posted papers on the name "Dalmiyaapuram" in the railway station name board and block the passage of the trains. Two people died in the demonstration by the police action and Karunanidhi was arrested.

Karunanidhi married three times. His first wife was Padmavathi and they had a son M. K. Muthu, who was briefly active in Tamil films and politics. Padmavathi died early, and Karunanidhi married Dayalu Ammal with whom he had three sons, M. K. Alagiri, M. K. Stalin and M. K. Tamilarasu, and a daughter, M. K. Selvi. Alagiri and Stalin are active in state politics and competed to be their father's political successors, before Stalin prevailed. Tamilarasu is a businessman and film-producer and campaigner for his father and his party; Selvi campaigned for Karunanidhi elections too. With his third wife, Rajathi Ammal, Karunanidhi had a daughter, Kanimozhi, who is seen as his literary heir.

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