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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review | Two Months Later...

By Pakka Admin - Nov 25,2022

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review | Two Months Later...

Reviewing Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max (Deep Purple) two months later, to see if the camera performance, iOS 16 experience etc are worth that £1000-plus UK asking price. Or should you shun the iPhone 14 Pro Max and grab an Android rival like the Pixel 7 Pro or Samsung S22 Ultra?

One of Apple's main upgrades here vs last year's 13 Pro Max smartphone is the 48MP primary camera with updated OIS. Sadly this doesn't make a huge difference to night photo quality, where the Pixel still shines brighter. However, for everyday pics and movies, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will satisfy most users.

Gaming performance is as strong as you'd like while the battery life is among the absolute best of any 2022 smartphone. I also quite like the Pro Max's media chops, with a bright and poppy XDR screen and beefy stereo speaker setup on board. That said, the 'Dynamic Island' is a proper pain, getting in the way when you're watching movies or playing a game.

Apple's iOS 16 still needs some work, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max suffers quite a few other flaws for a flagship mobile. Better specs and camera tech can be found on Android phones that are considerably cheaper. Still, iPhone fans will be happy enough - just don't waste your money if you already have last year's smartphone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Review Chapters:
0:00 - Here we go again
0:34 - Design
2:11 - iOS 16 & features
5:49 - Display & audio
7:15 - Performance & gaming
8:02 - Battery life
8:54 - Cameras
11:51 - Verdict