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David, A.I - Prometheus & Covenant

By Pakka Admin - Dec 08,2019

David, A.I  - Prometheus & Covenant

David, Artificial Intelligence from Prometheus & Alien Covenant.

@Twentieth Century Fox

Additional Footage from:
"Prometheus" Viral TEDtalks 2023
"Prometheus" Viral Introducing the David 8
"Alien Covenant" Viral Meet Walter
"Alien Covenant" Viral Madame Tussaud Makes Walter

Commentary from:
Ridley Scott, Director Commentary from Alien Covenant
Sueño cumplido: Entrevisté a Ridley Scott by Extraordinerd
Ridley Scott. ITW by LeHuffpost

Music used:
Collision by Marc Streitenfeld
The Covenant, Cheast Burster by Jed Kurzel
Entry of the Gods into Valhalla by Richard Wagner

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Edited by Steven Thomas, 2017

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