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Google Pixel 5 | Six Months Later Review

By Pakka Admin - May 04,2021

Google Pixel 5 | Six Months Later Review

Reviewing Google's Pixel 5 flagship smartphone six months later - and it's still one of the very best camera phones in 2021, even if it's lagging behind in other areas. This is still one of my favourite compact Androids, and definitely one for photo fans. However, the Pixel 5 can't even match some blowers half the price for performance, even if it can handle gaming right now.

Battery life is perfectly respectable, and it's rare for me to run out of juice before bedtime. However, if you are gonna be playing PubG a lot or Skyping/Zooming with buddies, chances are you'll run dry before nightfall.

If all you're bothered about is the camera tech, you can always save yourself cash and get the Pixel 4a 5G, which sports the same hardware. This flagship smartphone is tougher and water resistant, with wireless charging support, but the cheaper Pixels can still produce great-looking photos and video.

Still, the Pixel 5 is wonderfully miniature and Android 11 has been kept fresh with regular updates. You've got another couple of years of security and OS upgrades still ahead, too.

Pixel 5 2021 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Well hello there!
0:49 - Design
3:07 - Android and updates
4:51 - Audio
5:04 - Display
5:34 - Performance and gaming
6:33 - Battery
7:14 - Camera