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Google Pixel 6a Review | Six Weeks Later, With Android 13!

By Pakka Admin - Sep 18,2022

Google Pixel 6a Review | Six Weeks Later, With Android 13!

Reviewing Google's Pixel 6a smartphone after the Android 13 upgrade, including a full camera test, gaming prowess, battery life, best new features and beyond. The Pixel 6a is one of the best phones of 2022 at this mid-range price, especially for amateur photographers after an easy-to-use camera experience. Here's my longer term thoughts on a blower that's improved since my unboxing, although isn't quite perfect.

Gamers will be happy to hear that Genshin Impact plays more smoothly now, although the Game Dashboard has vanished with the Android 13 update. Still, the Pixel 6a's battery life seems to have got even better, while the slick UI now boasts improved lock screen and notification widgets.

Media fans will love the OLED display, although the lack of 90Hz refresh is a shame - and the Pixel 6a's stereo speakers are pretty weak sauce. I adore that compact design however, and this is certainly one of the best mini smartphones of 2022. Especially if you're after a dependable camera, which is stress-free for everyday snaps.

Have you been using this Google handset as your own? Let us know your own thoughts below!

Google Pixel 6a Review Chapters:
0:00 - Too many phones
0:45 - Design
2:03 - Android 13 & features
3:38 - Screen & audio
5:05 - Performance & gaming
5:56 - Battery life
7:23 - Cameras
10:00 - Verdict