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GoPro Hero 8 Black Review for MTB footage

By Pakka Admin - Dec 03,2019

GoPro Hero 8 Black Review for MTB footage

Hypersmooth 2.0 is here and its SO SMOOTH! I use my GoPro for MTB Mountain Bike action footage so here's a review from a POV Action perspective.

Bike: 2020 Specialized Kenevo, 180mm travel enduro E-Bike

GoPro Hero 8 Settings:
Lens: Wide / Superview
Hypersmooth: ON (Low)
Protune: Yes
Bitrate: High
Shutter: Auto
EV Comp: 0 or -1.0
White Balance: Aut0
ISO Low: 100
ISO Max: 1600
Color: GoPro
Sharpness: Low
Wind: On

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