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iPhone 12 Mini | Six Months Review

By Pakka Admin - May 08,2021

iPhone 12 Mini | Six Months Review

Reviewing the iPhone 12 Mini again, six months after launch, to see if it's still one of the best compact smartphones of 2021. Boasting the same camera tech and performance of the vanilla flagship, the iPhone 12 Mini now comes in purple (whoop) and has been updated to iOS 14.5. It's far from perfect and far too expensive (standard), but it's my favourite of Apple's latest mobile line-up.

Like the Pixel 5, you get a point-and-shoot camera which can make the most of pretty much any situation. Gamers will struggle a little with that compact screen, not helped by the enormous notch, but Genshin Impact and other demanding titles play like a dream. Battery life is fine too (much better than the iPhone SE 2020), as long as you're not too reckless with camera apps etc.

If you're an iOS fan then you should get on well with the iPhone 12 Mini, as long as you want a compact phone. This is still among the best miniature options in 2021, but let me know your own verdict below!

iPhone 12 Mini 2021 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Get ON WITH IT!
1:00 - Design
2:30 - iOS updates and features
4:46 - Audio and display
5:44 - Performance and gaming
6:41 - Battery life
7:07 - Camera test