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Nokia 5.4 Review | Worth it for under £200?

By Pakka Admin - Feb 20,2021

Nokia 5.4 Review | Worth it for under £200?

Reviewing the Nokia 5.4, a budget smartphone for 2021 costing under £200 in the UK - but is it one of the best? The camera tech has been upgraded versus the 5.3, and here's a full photo/video test plus my thoughts after a week of using the Nokia 5.4.

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Nokia 5.4 Review Chapters:
0:00 The bit you're gonna skip
0:50 Design
2:13 Software and features
5:02 Screen, audio & media streaming
6:32 Performance and gaming
7:34 Battery life
8:13 Camera test
11:12 The other bit you're gonna skip

If you're after an affordable smartphone in 2021, the good news is you're spoiled for choice. As well as Motorola's fresh G10, those Poco handsets etc, the Nokia 5.4 is here offering stock Android with two guaranteed Android updates. Sadly it's not as strong as some rivals for the specs, with an HD screen for one, plus the camera falls short in some areas like video capture.

So what do you think of this budget blower? Let me know in the comments below!