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Pixel 4a vs Poco X3 NFC | Two of the best cut-price phones compared

By Pakka Admin - Sep 23,2020

Pixel 4a vs Poco X3 NFC | Two of the best cut-price phones compared

Comparing Google's Pixel 4a vs Xiaomi's Poco X3 NFC, two of my favourite smartphones of 2020 so far, offering a very different everyday experience. Here's how they stack up for camera tech, performance, gaming, battery life, media, specs and other features. Check out my unboxing and review videos for more info.

So the Pixel 4a is still the best around for point-and-shoot camera results. Photos boast beautifully natural colours and smart HDR balancing, although the Poco X3 NFC certainly isn't far behind. You can grab great looking video too, whatever your choice.

You don't have 5G support on the Pixel 4a or Poco X3, but you do get very respectable gaming performance thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 73xG chipsets. Xiaomi's phone actually boasts the better platform, with the 732G on board. You also get improved battery life thanks to the whopping 5000mAh cell stuffed inside.

But I do love the mini design of the Pixel 4a - this is one of the only compact phones of 2020 and so by default of course the best. And if you want stock Android with guaranteed updates for a couple of years, this'll work.

So that's my comparison, which of these affordable phones are you most tempted by? Check out my reviews of both of these blowers to see more on the hardware and software.