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Poco F3 Review Nine Months Later | Best Value Phone 2021

By Pakka Admin - Dec 02,2021

Poco F3 Review Nine Months Later | Best Value Phone 2021

Reviewing the Poco F3 long-term (nine months after launch), including more thoughts on the camera, battery life, Xiaomi's MiUI software and more. I still rate the Poco F3 as one of the best value pro smartphones of 2021, perfect for demanding users on a budget. Despite slow Android updates and a lack of expandable storage, it's excellent in almost every area.

The camera hasn't been upgraded much at all since launch, but that's no bother. The Poco F3 can still capture great looking photos and video in almost any conditions, as long as your subject is still when lighting is dim. It's certainly as good as the X3 GT and many similarly priced rivals.

Performance is stunning as ever, for gaming and everything else. Battery life meanwhile seems to have improved with those updates, but don't expect the Poco F3 to get Android 12 just yet. A closed beta is apparently underway, but we'll be waiting until 2022 for that one. Although at least Xiaomi's MiUI launcher is bang up to date.

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Poco F3 Long-Term Review Chapters:
0:00 - Waffle
0:54 - Design
2:04 - MiUI updates & features
4:29 - Display & audio
5:41 - Performance & gaming
6:40 - Battery life
7:22 - Camera
9:05 - Verdict