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POCO F4 Review | Lightning Strikes Twice?

By Pakka Admin - Jun 30,2022

POCO F4 Review | Lightning Strikes Twice?

Reviewing the Poco F4 5G, a 2022 mid-range smartphone follow-up to one of the best of last year, the excellent F3. This time we've got fresh camera tech and design, but the Poco F4 is powered by the same Snapdragon 870 as before. Unlike the F4 GT, which boasts more up-to-date tech. I've been testing it as my full-time phone, to see if the gaming chops, camera performance and Xiaomi MiUI experience are worth buying into.

You can grab now from Poco or Aliexpress:

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The Poco F4 5G is an enjoyable handset, with not too many flaws - beyond the usual lack of storage and headphone jack. I preferred the F3 design, as the F4 can get smudgy and sports flat edges. However, the performance is good enough for gamers to enjoy PubG, Genshin Impact and the rest. Battery life is also solid, as are the media features.

MiUI 13 also behaved itself on the Poco F4, which is always a bonus!

The camera tech is limited like most mid-range smartphones. In low light you can get noisy, blurry results, but the 64MP main sensor still copes well with most conditions. Check out my Poco F4 unboxing video for a closer look at some of the other features.

Poco F4 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Waffly start bit
0:40 - Design
2:10 - Xiaomi MiUI & features
4:14 - Display & audio
5:33 - Performance & gaming
7:03 - Battery life
7:52 - Cameras
10:33 - Verdict