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Realme 7 5G Review | This or the Pro?

By Pakka Admin - Nov 23,2020

Realme 7 5G Review | This or the Pro?

Reviewing the Realme 7 5G, an upgraded version of the original budget smartphone boasting Dimensity smarts, 120Hz display action and improved battery life. Check out my unboxing for a full tour and here's my thoughts after a week of testing the Realme 7 5G's camera tech, gaming chops and other bits.

At first glance, this affordable handset (costing £279 in the UK) appears very similar to the affordable vanilla model. That camera setup is basically identical, with the same unfortunate limitations of that first phone. In that respect, the Realme 7 Pro is definitely the best of this budget trio.

However, the 5G option does boast a crazy slick 120Hz screen (not that my knackered old eyes can see much difference vs the 90Hz original). You also get the Mediatek Dimensity 800U chipset, which can blaze through games like PubG and Call of Duty. All while offering that next-gen connectivity on dual SIMs and extended battery life.

I also loved kicking back with some Netflix or Deezer thanks to the respectable media chops, while the Realme 7 5G is proving perfectly durable after a week of testing.

So that's my review of this budget mobile, are you tempted or looking more at the Pro, Mi 10T Lite and other options?