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Realme GT Neo 3 vs 3T | Unboxing & Full Comparison

By Pakka Admin - Jun 10,2022

Realme GT Neo 3 vs 3T | Unboxing & Full Comparison

Unboxing the Realme GT Neo 3 and 3T (global editions), with a hands-on review of the camera tech, gaming performance, features and other bits. These mid-range smartphones are incredibly different despite the similar names, so this Realme GT Neo 3T vs 3 comparison helps to highlight the best for you, with a hands-on review showing off the best features and other bits.

The GT Neo 3 will cost you £599 in the UK, while the 3T model comes in at £369.

Forget small changes in specs, these phones don't seem to be related at all. They use completely different camera sensors for one, hence the wild gap in photo quality, day or night. Gamers will prefer the Realme GT Neo 3 with the Mediatek Dimensity 8100 smarts, which can blaze through Genshin Impact and other heavy Android titles. In comparison, the Realme GT Neo 3T is smooth for everyday shenanigans, but not built for gaming.

Battery life is a little better on the 3T courtesy of the bigger cell, although there's not as much of a gap as you may expect. The 3 can recharge faster too, with 150W Ultra Dart Charge support.

And those are just a few of the differences between these mid-range phones. Which one do you think is best?

Realme GT Neo 3T vs 3 Chapters:
0:00 - Seeing double
0:36 - What's in the box?
1:03 - Design
3:00 - Realme UI & features
4:48 - Display & audio
7:35 - Performance & gaming test
10:20 - Battery
11:27 - Cameras
14:36 - Byyyeeeee