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Roku Express vs Premiere vs Streaming Stick+ | Review & Comparison

By Pakka Admin - Nov 07,2019

Roku Express vs Premiere vs Streaming Stick+ | Review & Comparison

Reviewing the new Roku streamers for 2019/2020, including the Express, Premiere and Streaming Stick+ which just hit the UK. Here's how these three devices compare, so you know which is best for you.

The Roku Express is the most affordable of these streamers, at just £29. That's followed by the Premiere at £39 and then the most expensive is the Stick+, at £49. But even the Streaming Stick is solid value for money considering it can serve up 4K HDR video, just like the Premiere.

That premium model also offers voice support via the remote control, which can also be used to switch on your telly and adjust the TV volume. Plus you get dual band WiFi support, while the Express and Premiere simply have single band.

Still, whichever Roku you choose, you'll get the same fantastic app support. The likes of Apple TV+, Netflix, Plex, iPlayer and so on can all be accessed via these devices, via the very user-friendly UI. They're simple to use, highly portable and very affordable, making them three of my favourite streaming devices right now. And since the Stick+ offers the 4K HDR and voice control support, it's definitely worth that bump in price.

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