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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review | Poco F3 Rival?

By Pakka Admin - Mar 29,2021

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review | Poco F3 Rival?

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, that fresh mid-range Sammy smartphone serving up respectable specs for a budget friendly-ish price. I've been testing the camera, gaming prowess, everyday performance, battery life and every other aspect of the Samsung A52 5G, using it as my full-time mobile. So here's my final verdict, hoping to bring you some A72 coverage soon!

First up, it's a shame this handset came along at the same time as the Poco F3. The Galaxy can't compete for speed, with its Snapdragon 750G chipset - although that's still strong enough to play most Android games like PubG with a smooth experience. Plus, you get that 5G support of course.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 boasts a strong specification in most areas, including a punchy AMOLED screen and stereo speaker setup (albeit a basic one). Battery life is a winner, serving up over a day of play even with plenty of screen-on time. Plus this is one of few smartphones at this budget with water resistance.

Sadly Samsung's camera tech is flawed at times, including capturing mobile subjects. In that area the Poco F3 actually was more capable.

Galaxy A52 5G Review Chapters:
0:00 - Get on with it!
0:54 - Design
2:00 - OneUI features
3:44 - Display and audio
5:20 - Performance & gaming
6:21 - Battery life
7:18 - Camera test