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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Ultra | Full Tour & Comparison

By Pakka Admin - Aug 07,2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Ultra | Full Tour & Comparison

Hands-on review comparing Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 smartphone versus the Ultra model, to see which is best for camera smarts, specs, media and more. Both of these mighty phones were launched at Unpacked in August 2020 and I've had a play to see how they stack up, but come back for my full review of the Samsung Note 20 Ultra and its smaller brother.

Both Galaxy devices are proper whoppers at 6.7 and 6.9 inches, boasting an AMOLED screen - although it's 60Hz only on the standard Note. Here in the UK you get the same Exynos performance, while the US gets Snapdragon 865. Lucky. There's full 5G support, and hopefully battery life should be on a par, keeping you going all day.

The camera hardware is quite different however. The Galaxy Note 20 has a 12MP primary and ultra-wide lens, plus a 64MP 'zoom' lens (which just crops in), vs the Samsung Note 20 Ultra which upgrades to a 108MP main camera and 12MP telephoto lens. Still, these premium 2020 smartphones both offer 8K video recording with some proper Pro controls, and basically the same features.

Check out my hands on with the Watch 3, also launched at Unpacked, and come back for my final verdict!