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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Camera Tour | 100x Space Zoom Beast!

By Pakka Admin - Feb 14,2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Camera Tour | 100x Space Zoom Beast!

Full hands-on tour of Samsung's upgraded camera on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, including tests of that 108MP primary lens and mighty 10x optical zoom telephoto shooter. Here's a close look at the camera features, plus the photo and video sample quality and how the S20 Ultra has improved versus the Plus and standard model.

While previous Samsung flagships were flawed in places, most of those issues seem to have been dealt with for this fresh set of optics. Moving subjects and low light situations appear better dealt with thanks to the S20 Ultra's fast focus, smart 9-in-1 pixel binning and improved software. It's the new Space Zoom feature which really impresses though. This Galaxy phone boasts the best optical zoom of any mobile camera, for up-close shots.

I've tested out the other new modes including Single Take, and Samsung has also boosted the video chops for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You can now record up to 8K resolution footage, while the pro video mode gives you control over the final output. This mighty handset can also record night hyperlapse movies and better Super Steady clips than the S10 smartphones before it.

Check back for my full review of the Samsung S20 Ultra, but are you tempted by this huge device?