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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | One Year Later Review | Wait for S21 Ultra?

By Pakka Admin - Jan 10,2021

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | One Year Later Review | Wait for S21 Ultra?

Reviewing Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra super-premium smartphone in 2021, ahead of the Galaxy S21 Ultra launch. With the new Samsung flagship phones being revealed on Jan 14th, I thought it was a good time to finally share my thoughts on this crazy mobile. From the "Space Zoom" camera and gaming chops to that OneUI v3.0 software, here's all you need to know.

In the UK, the Galaxy S20 Ultra costs over a grand from most retailers even in 2021. However, when the Samsung S21 phones emerge in Jan, that price will hopefully drop dramatically.

That camera tech is still great, even if the 100x zoom feature and 8k video recording are essentially just headline grabbers. The S20 Ultra can capture great looking photos in most conditions, especially with the night mode smarts, while 4k home movies always come out well.

Gamers will enjoy smooth playback from Android titles, with Xbox Game Pass support for streaming console quality titles. This is the Snapdragon 865 model as sold in the US and I loved the slick performance, plus the all-day battery life. I'd certainly recommend over Samsung's Exynos version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra (here's hoping the S21 Ultra comes with Snapdragon 888 as standard).

So that's my review (finally) but let me know your own experiences or thoughts below. Coming up, complete coverage of Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra, Plus and everything else!