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Samsung Galaxy S21 | One Year(ish) Later

By Pakka Admin - Nov 26,2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 | One Year(ish) Later

Samsung Galaxy S21 long term review, before the fresh S22 flagship smartphone is launched early 2022. Here's an overview of the One UI 4.0 experience on the compact Samsung S21, plus how it compares vs big Android rivals like the Pixel 6.

This most mini of Galaxy phones just updated to the latest Android 12 OS, complete with One UI 4 feature tweaks and upgrades. Overall it's a successful software boost, pumping up the camera, customisation and other bits, as you'll see in my full review and tips guide.

However, Samsung's update didn't fix the Galaxy S21's meh battery life, or the gaming performance which is still juddery when you push this blower hard. Besides those issues, I still have few complaints about the S21 one year later, except for the lack of microSD and headphone jack action. Standard flagship smartphone complaints, to be fair.

Camera results aren't as strong as fresh rivals like the Pixel 6, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 can still churn out good looking photos and great 4K video. Just be careful when lighting isn't as strong.

If you see this phone on the cheap with Black Friday and the inevitable S22 launch in 2022, it's worth a look as long as you can tolerate the limited battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Long Term Review Chapters:
0:00 - A bloody year already?
1:17 - Design
2:24 - One UI 4.0 & features
4:17 - Display & audio
5:32 - Performance & gaming
6:24 - Battery life
7:30 - Camera
9:43 - Verdict