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Samsung Galaxy S21 | Six months later...

By Pakka Admin - Jul 10,2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 | Six months later...

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S21 six months after my original unboxing and coverage, to see if the OS updates, camera tweaks and long-term experience has changed my mind. This is one of the best 'compact' flagship smartphones of 2021 so far, alongside the Zenfone 8, although neither is perfect - The Samsung S21 battery life is disappointing like Asus' phone, for one. There's no microSD support or headphone jack. Plus when gaming on Genshin Impact, there's clear judder from the Exynos 2100.

Still, the Galaxy S21 is an enjoyable mobile despite these flaws. That camera hardware and software still pumps out great looking photos and video in most conditions, while the One UI experience is likeable if you don't mind Samsung's own apps/services. Media fans will enjoy the punchy HDR-ready 120Hz screen, while the design is solid.

Have you been using this flagship smartphone, and would you rank it among the best? Let me know below!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Skip this bit
1:05 - Design
2:58 - One UI and features
4:22 - Display and audio
5:19 - Performance and gaming
6:23 - Battery life
7:41 - Camera
10:02 - That's all folks!