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Vivo X60 Pro Review | Zeiss camera phone plus built-in gimbal!

By Pakka Admin - Jul 01,2021

Vivo X60 Pro Review | Zeiss camera phone plus built-in gimbal!

Reviewing the Vivo X60 Pro, a £750 premium smartphone boasting innovative camera tech, FunTouch OS and great battery life, plus some slick design. I've been testing this phone for over a week and here's how it compares to rivals like the Samsung S21, Xiaomi Mi 11 etc.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Vivo X60 Pro is that gimbal-enhanced Zeiss-branded camera, which can capture impressive photos at night. Overall picture quality isn't a Galaxy beater, but everyday results are certainly strong. You can also shoot good looking 4K video, at a 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio.

Specs aren't quite as powerful as the OnePlus 9, Mi 11 and other best premium smartphones of 2021. The Vivo X60 Pro, unlike the Plus, is powered by a Snapdragon 870 chipset rather than the 888. Still, you can play demanding games like Genshin Impact on higher detail settings with a respectable frame rate. So no complaints over performance, while battery life is also excellent.

Check out my X60 Pro Plus vs this model unboxing and comparison for a closer look at the sibling devices.

Vivo X60 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 - Shut up already
0:36 - Design
2:08 - FunTouch & features
3:46 - Display & audio
4:56 - Performance & gaming
6:43 - Battery life
7:32 - Camera test
10:12 - Hope you had fun kiddies!