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We Fit A HUGE TV In A Tiny Apartment! (85 inch)

By Pakka Admin - Nov 26,2020

We Fit A HUGE TV In A Tiny Apartment! (85 inch)

For gaming & movies I bought a giant 85 inch Sony Bravia X950H (XH95) TV! I also suggest best PS5 & Xbox Series X TVs too. Here is how it fits in our tiny apartment & what content looks best!
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My TV:
Sony X950H:

Playstation 5:
Xbox Series X:
Nintendo Switch:
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Why X950H?
While I am all for future proofing I don't think VRR or 120hz will benefit me as I prefer Nintendo games. Nintendo isn't using bleeding edge hardware and I don't count on it for the Switch Pro so current 60hz gaming at 4K and even 1080p is fine for me! The input lag on the 950h is respectably low. See for specs.

Compared to Samsung's gaming TVs the Sony 950h uses local dimming, even in game mode, so black stays black instead of grayish. Samsung tunes down the local dimming algorithm in game mode to lower input lag but it affects the image quality. Huge plus for the 950h! I don't want to compromise on image quality even for games. Also, compared to OLED the 950h has a higher peak brightness, which is both great for HDR to pop and for the ambient lighting of the HUGE window next to the TV. Motion handling on the 950h is great and so is the image! Easy to calibrate with Calman. Well calibrated custom mode out of the box! NO dirty screen effect that we see on the Samsungs.

A very powerful TV! If you are a casual gamer I don't think you can beat the 950h for the cost to feature ratio. 950h also has incredible speakers so if you don't have a sound bar it will not be missed! Sony 900h will be most compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X but the 950h has the better image and viewing angles. I will pick the better image any day!

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