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What's Come Out About Mister Rogers Since He Died

By Pakka Admin - Dec 03,2019

What's Come Out About Mister Rogers Since He Died

Fred Rogers was a gentle genius who knew how to make children feel good about themselves. Even after his death in February 2003, he continues to fascinate and inspire folks of all ages. Here are a few interesting facts we've learned about Mister Rogers since he died.

For many people, the introduction to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a precious childhood memory in and of itself. If you ever watched the show growing up, the thought of Fred Rogers walking through that front door is enough to fill your heart with joy. Every young fan knew what came next. He'd hang up the jacket, put on a sweater, and switch out the loafers for sneakers, all while singing about how much he appreciated his viewers.

As you may already know, Rogers' mother personally knitted his sweaters as a way of saying, "I love you."

After she died, the show's staff purchased similar-looking sweaters and dyed them to keep the tradition going. The clothes didn't just have sentimental value, though. According to a 2014 post on,

"This predictability offered a sense of security. Through your rituals and routines, you’re offering that to children, too."

And since Rogers was remarkably thoughtful, he based his routine on what viewers might expect at home.

Since the show originally aired late in the afternoon, right around the time parents typically returned home from work, Rogers switched from jackets to sweaters to signify that work time was over. Similarly, putting on sneakers was meant to create a more casual atmosphere.

Watch the video for more that's Come Out About Mister Rogers Since He Died.

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