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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review | Absolutely mental

By Pakka Admin - Apr 17,2021

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review | Absolutely mental

Reviewing the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra after a week of using it as my full-time smartphone - and this 6.8-inch beast is one of the most premium and bonkers phones of 2021. But is it among the best? I've been testing the feature-packed camera (with 120x zoom action), gaming performance, battery life and everything else following my unboxing video. So here's my final Mi 11 Ultra verdict, on how it compares to rivals like the OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung S21 Ultra.

One of the few downers of this Xiaomi smartphone is the camera setup, which is somewhat flawed for everyday shooting. While that 5x optical zoom option is definitely appreciated, the primary sensor churns out oversaturated blurry pics at times, which is a shame given the premium asking price.

Still, performance is strong enough to tackle any Android game, with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra coping fine with Genshin Impact as long as you don't boost the detail levels to max. Battery life is adequate for all-day use and MiUI 12 is a smooth and bug-free delight.

Mi 11 Ultra Review Chapters:
0:00 - Yawn, skip
0:46 - Design (what a whopper)
1:50 - MiUI 12 and features
2:55 - Display and audio
4:12 - Second screen
5:05 - Performance and gaming test
6:16 - Battery life
7:09 - Camera test