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Xiaomi Redmi 9 Review | £150 Bargain Budget Blower

By Pakka Admin - Sep 04,2020

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Review | £150 Bargain Budget Blower

Reviewing Xiaomi's fresh Redmi 9 smartphone, a cheapy mobile perfect for those on a tight budget. At £139/150, this is one of the most affordable phones of 2020 so far - yet you still have a quad lens camera, massive battery and Full HD display. I've been testing the Redmi 9 for a week now and here's my final review. But you can also check out my round up of the best sub-£200 budget phones of the year, for alternative ideas from Motorola etc.

This Xiaomi blower has its little quirks, with MiUI 11 throwing up some bugs and ads on occasion. Performance is limited, but you can still get gaming on PubG Mobile, Call of Duty and other Android titles. You even have a Game Turbo feature to manage the memory.

The Redmi 9 is one of the best affordable phones for battery life, while the camera is respectable for the price too - just avoid dodgy lighting and you're generally fine. You also have a sharp 6.5-inch screen for enjoying movies, while the headphone jack is a reliable alternative to the slightly iffy Bluetooth. And no, sadly there's no NFC support, despite Xiaomi's claims.

So that's my review of this budget device, let me know what you reckon below!