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பெண்களுக்கு உடல் எடை கூட முக்கிய காரணம் என்ன? அது ஏன்? | ஈஷ் ஆர்

By Pakka Admin - Aug 16,2019

பெண்களுக்கு உடல் எடை கூட முக்கிய காரணம் என்ன? அது ஏன்? | ஈஷ் ஆர்

Easy Natural Way to Avoid Weight Gain Naturally:

1 Avoid eating empty calories

By empty calories, we refer to foods like chips, chocolates, sodas, and candies. You need to be careful about your carb intake. These foods, when consumed, convert to sugar and settle in the fat-friendly parts of your body

2. Take massages

Massage is not only soothing for your mind and body, it can also help you lose weight after pregnancy. Massaging in areas with high levels of cellulite can release fat for better absorption by the body. It also improves your body metabolism, and active metabolism can further make it easier for you to lose weight.

3. Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, exercising is the primary activity. Though hitting the gym is not quite possible, you can try starting with walking. After some time you can stick to some simple abdominal exercises but, do not overdo it. Ask your doctor for a good exercise regime. You could also try pranayama for toning stomach muscles.

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